The purpose of this website is to inform potential applicants seeking employment at Republic Airways Holdings of the current realities for pilot careers at our airline before you apply or interview. We the pilots, represented by the Teamsters Local 357, work under an outdated contract between our Union and Management with grossly inferior pay, benefits, work rules and quality of life. We also endure a daily working environment that is antagonistic to pilots. In fact, our Union is currently running regular pilot interview training sessions with well-known and successful interview consultants to help Republic pilots pursue a better career elsewhere. With Republic pilots, from senior captains to pilots hired just a few months ago, leaving our airline, you must know the quality of life differences between our airline and others. You, the applicant, have a choice of which airline to pursue your career, and we wish you the best decision possible.

The following are the "facts of life" working as a pilot at Republic Airways Holdings.

  • Management frequently assures your efforts working at this airline are greatly appreciated and one of their founding principles is to "hire the best", however be certain that it is their goal to compensate you below what you deserve. It is unfortunate that “appreciation” does not pay mortgages, college funds, retirements, and family securities, but they do not.
  • The pilot Union has voted to authorize a strike should the NMB release us. While the Union and Company are currently in negotiations seeking a new agreement, our labor dispute may escalate in the coming months.
  • Despite the legal “status quo” freezing the contract while negotiations occur, the Company continues to make unilateral changes in pilot employment terms as quick fix “band aids” to cover over our severe staffing and operational reliability problems. RAH doesn’t mind treating pilots differently in pay, rewarding some with signing bonuses and ignoring others, in an effort to overcome the failed climate for pilots management has created here. This as an open admission that our compensation is simply not good enough to attract qualified applicants.
  • Incredibly long upgrade time. Currently about 4 years.
  • At republic, we have no cancellation pay. It is not uncommon to have quite a few flights on your schedule cancel. Flights cancel, that's life. But at RAH, you lose pay for those flights unless the company finds something else for you to do. For many of our pilots, this could constitute a 20% pay cut any given month. Cancellations strike without regard to seniority, paycheck, or previous cancellations.
  • On reserve you will get just 11 days a month off. Your reserve will usually start before 8AM, so you will have to commute to your base the day before your reserve stretch begins. Your reserve assignment can end as late as 11:59PM on your last day of reserve. It is more common than not to also commute home on the day after your reserve stretch, one of your days off. This means you could be sleeping in your own bed as few as 6 nights per month.
  • The reserve rules can be summarized as: "the company can do what they want to, with whomever they want to, when they want to." If you are senior on the reserve list, and want to fly—you don't necessarily get to fly. If you live in base on reserve and would prefer not to get used—you will likely fly a LOT. And reassignments and cancellations happen so frequently, that even lineholding pilots feel like “lineholder reserves.”
  • You will likely be displaced out of your base at some point. You can move to your base in order to avoid commuting, but RAH has a long history of opening and closing bases and displacing the pilots not to other bases their seniority would hold, but to where the company would like the pilots to go to.
  • RAH management manipulates our contract with double-talk to deny contractual rights to pilots. It has argued that the definition of "base" is the city in which your domicile is located (to avoid paying for hotels for pilots doing training in IND and STL). The same RAH management argued that the definition of "base" is the airport itself (to try and require pilots to remain at the airport at the end of a reserve assignment). The Company changes the contractual definition to suit its whims and deny pilots their contractual rights.
  • RAH management has gone so far as to remove seatbelts from the 100th seat of the E-190, giving up revenue, in order to argue that the aircraft has only 99 seats just so it could deny pilots the ability to negotiate new pay rate for a new aircraft type. Giving up revenue just to deny pilots contractual rights and avoid dealing fairly with us. This is the type of management team you will be working for.

We the pilots have tried to work with Management to improve the working conditions at this airline so new hires don’t have to endure outdated and inferior pay and work rules (negotiations began in April, 2007) and aren’t subjected to a poisonous working environment. We may never convince Management of the advantages of a happy and productive pilot group, but at least a new contract will repair some of the harm to our pilot careers caused by the RAH corporate culture. Until Management agrees that the best future of this airline involves acknowledging the pilots are assets to the success of this airline through a new collective bargaining agreement and truly cooperative work culture, it is probably not in your best interest to contribute your professional skills and talents to Republic. There are plenty of other opportunities for pilots that have significantly better pay packages and an entirely different quality of work and life:

Please click the best airline that suits you:

Air Wisconsin – Duty Rigs, Significantly higher FO pay than Republic, Cancellation pay, 150% open-time pay
CommutAir – Excellent commuter policy, Cancellation pay, Company paid parking pass at any airport
Compass Airlines – 20 additional E175s for American, Less than 1 year upgrade, Guaranteed interview at Delta
Corvus Airlines – Significantly higher pay than Republic, 150% open-time pay, No-cost uniforms, Home-every-night schedules
Endeavor Air - $20,000/yr bonus (which roughly equates to a $20/hr wage increase)
Envoy Air – 40 additional E175s (plus 90 options), no-interview flow-through to American Airlines, Higher FO pay than Republic, 4 commuter hotels per month
ExpressJet - Duty rigs, Cancellation pay, 150%-200% open-time pay
GoJet – 150% open-time pay, Higher FO pay than Republic, Less than 3 year upgrade
Great Lakes – Higher first year FO pay than Republic
Horizon Air – Significantly higher FO pay than Republic
Mesa Airlines – Cancellation pay, Less than 1 year upgrade, 200% for over-time
Piedmont Airlines – 20 additional E145s, Cancellation pay, 150% open-time pay, no-interview flow-through to American Airlines
PSA Airlines – Cancellation pay, Higher pay than Republic, ONLY hiring Street Captians, guarenteed interview at American Airlines
SkyWest – Higher pay than Republic
Trans States Airlines – Higher pay than Republic, Cancellation pay, 150% open-time pay, Less than 1 year upgrade

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